Leaving Kathmandu today 

Just having breakfast now and leaving Kathmandu today at 1:30 pm for the long flights back to Toronto . It has been an experience x 2 . I hope the Napolese people rebuild better than ever and prosper . More aid and money seems to be coming in daily . If you get a chance donate to any of the Nepal relief funds . Thanks for following my blog . Joe


Arrived in Kathmandu

i was lucky to score a boarding pass out of Lukla . I arrived in Kathmandu at 3pm and I am staying at the yak & yeti hotel . I am leaving here on Saturday and arriving in Totonto late on Sunday . My 2 large duffles containing all my gear is still on the mountain and may have to be shipped at a later date . 


Still stuck in Lukla 

I happen to score a boarding pass to get a flight to Kathmandu at 9 am however the weather quickly changes up here and I waited 5.5 hours for the flight to come in before it was cancelled due to low lying fog . I will try again tomorrow morning . 


Safe and sound in Lukla 

We arrived in Lukla today around 4 pm after a 20 hour trek out of base camp over a 2 and a half day period . On our way out of base camp we witnessed more destruction than I would have imagined – gear spread out every where . Tents flattened and bodies wrap in tarps ready to be helicoptered out – injured first . We were truly the lucky ones to get through this act of nature . When I tried to out run the Avalanche – what was I thinking – when you only have about 2 to 3 seconds to decide . I ran as far a I could maybe 20 yards before I put my back to it and hoped for the best . I was covered in snow but unscathed . The camp just beside us 15m or do did not fair as well with injury and death . Base Camp is very long about 2 km – and I don’t think anybody was spared the brunt force of the Avalanche . Hours after and the next day there were more Avalanches and rock slides which vibrated through the ground and put us all on edge . We decided to leave on the second day after the Avalanche . Everything was unstable for a successful Everest climb this year . The Nepal government is trying to decide if it should close the mountain for the next 3 years . I think it is a good idea . I have been here for the last 2 seasons and I am done . Thanks everyone for there well wishes . I hope to be home on the weekend if everything goes well . Sorry not to update you till now but there has not been any internet and it is still intermittent . See you soon JOE 


Camp 1 

it was a grueling day from BC to Camp 1 . It took about 5 hours to get there over many ladders .There were a couple of area where there where 4 x 8ft ladders going straight up on the way down those sections you can either take the ladder or repel down . There can be a bit of a traffic jam at these areas . We spent the night at Camp 1 , the next morning we trekked up to Camp 2 about a 3.5 hour hike – extremely exhausting the last hour or so because of the thinner air . We stopped at camp 2 for a quick tea and back to Camp 1 which I was surprised  only took 1 hour. A long day all the same . We had some soup in our tent and then was offered white rice – no thanks I lost my appetite at the acclimatizing and too tired to eat . Good night . The next morning we set out around 8:30 back from Camp 1 to BC which took a quick 2.5 hours 1/2 the amount going up . When we arrived I tried to face time Kylee for her 16th birthday but the connection was poor and it was almost midnight in T.O. I will try again tonight . It’s funny coming back to BC is like coming home -great food and I don’t have to share a tent . Hot shower tomorrow and more details . 


Hiking day today 

We are going on a Hike today after lunch and tomorrow back up to Camp one and then back to BC . If all goes well we are scheduled to summit in 30 days . It was a very windy night last night at BC . I had a good rest all the same but had a very bloody noise in the morning due to the dry conditions. I will try and down load more pictures, but it is difficult at times with this internet. As the Internet was not working this morning, we just got back from a acclimatization 3 hr hike and may go to Camp 1 tomorrow and right back to BC . Hi mom & dad I noticed you are watching the blog , everything is well – they treat us pretty good up here. If the Internet is working and I am not further than Camp 1 I will make daily blogs . Love you Joe