Everest climb 

4 weeks tomorrow I leave for Kathmandu, Nepal for 2 months to this time conquer Everest . They are making the ice field a little safer this year by moving it closer to the center to lessen the effects if there was to be an avalanche. There is also talk that there will be less climbers this year so hopefully no big line ups on summit day . I will have 2 Sherpas and a guide to accompany me to the top of the world . I have already started to pack   2 large duffles weighing about 50lbs each . Nomaste 


3 thoughts on “Everest climb 

  1. Vivienne says:

    HI Joe, great to see you again at the bike show today. I am soooooo impressed after hearing about your up coming trip to Everest. Especially after what you saw on your previous try. Please stay safe, enjoy the experience and come back healthy and happy and proud after such a great accomplishment!! My dogs and I will be following your adventure and I will keep you in my prayers. Vivienne


  2. Michael Blaha says:

    Didn’t know you started to blog so early! Very cool I love following your expedition! Yes you will be on top this year! Oh yeah


  3. Michael Blaha says:

    Hey way cool that fixed up the ice field! Yeah be smart be safe and remember this hawaiin proverb
    Enjoy my friend


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