Leave a week today 

I am 90% packed and ready to go a week today . Getting very excited . I will be going from Toronto alone without my friend Shehbaz. I will meet many climbers when I get to Kathmandu, Nepal . Hopefully everything goes smoothly this year . Nomaste 🙏


3 thoughts on “Leave a week today 

  1. falconlake2014 says:

    Our prayers are with you for a good climb and a safe return. What an exciting adventure, enjoy every minute of it. Vivienne (and her dogs).


  2. William says:

    Please don’t forget that they key issue for any attempt at an 8000m peak is to know when to turn back. You cannot push the envelope. Turning back when under physical duress is a victory because you get to live. There is no forgiveness for errors of judgment at these altitudes.

    Your blog is listed on Alan Arnette’s Everest portal (blog roll at right column): http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/everest/2015-coverage/


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