Arrived in Kathmandu 

Just arrived in Kathmandu @ 2:30 pm local time . Going through customs and getting my 90 day visa for $100 U.S. was very quick . It took a little longer for my luggage to come out . I will rest at the Yak & Yeti hotel for the next day and a half and on Monday we will trek to Everest Base Camp which will take 7 to 9 days as I acclimatize on the way . The weather in Kathmandu at the present is very windy and raining . I am sipping on a latte at the Royal Saino caffe just around the corner from the hotel . A lattee cost 1.20 rupees about 1.20 US . 


2 thoughts on “Arrived in Kathmandu 

  1. William says:

    Obviously your flight from Bombay was full of people visiting family — they don’t look like persons prepared to ascend an 8,000m mountain!


  2. falconlake2014 says:

    Glad you arrived safely. Hope weather clears up for your trek to base camp. You must be excited. Stay safe, vivienne (and dogs).


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