A picture of Nammche 

This unique town has everything from dentist , doctors , cafes , restaurants and lots of shopping . These wonderful buildings are hand made brick by brick . My hotel room is cool – no heat but a nice hot shower . I hope we don’t have barking dogs all night like we did last year . 


6 thoughts on “A picture of Nammche 

  1. Miles Hershberg says:

    Canadian to Climb Everest
    Joe Raftis, the owner of Eurobound on King St. in Toronto is on his way to climb Everest. Some would call it death defying but as with everything Joe does he is a prepared to win as is humanly possible This is not his first climb and I am sure it will not be his last. Go into Eurobound and write a note of good luck to Joe. His event is being plotted on in personal facebook page. Pass it on. Go Joe !!!!

    Sent to fan 590, the Star, the Sun, my linked in (590). I called you store to give them a heads up in case it takes off. I also asked your facebook page to send note to their local paper or radio station.


    • I have one pair of hiking boots and one pair of hiking shoes and 2 pairs of mountaineering boots for beyond BC . I have lots of merino wool socks and 2 cameras and a go pro


      • Miles Hershberg says:

        I did not realize what you are doing until I found out you are on the way. It is a different world and an incredible task. It is just amazing and as a Canadian Business Man. I think there is a huge story here with promotions in this. I am sure not many Canadians have done this. It will be incredible for you to conquer your dream and then become famous for it.


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