Arrived at Deboche 

I arrived at Deboche at 12 noon. It was suppose to take 6 to 7 hours , but I put my head down and got here  in 4 hours . A lot of up and down terrain, mostly pretty steep up hill . The last 15 minutes was down hill to the Lodge where we will be staying tonight. Tomorrow we will trek to Pheriche and stay there 2 days .  The Internet was not working at Deboche. I just arrived at Pheriche and we have Internet. It’s was a 4 hr trek here and I just met my guide from Vinson , Mike Hamil . 


2 thoughts on “Arrived at Deboche 

  1. falconlake2014 says:

    Sort of ignorant here about where you are. Are Deboch and Pheriche villages or camps? Are you on the mountain or still trekking toward it? Are you alone or with a group? Are you carrying all your own gear??? Loved the picture, you are going to have a great photo essay of your trip. Keep sending them, helps to follow your adventure. Vivienne


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