Day 10 – trek to Lobuche 

Up at 6:30 am having breakfast. Had a good night sleep . My oxygen saturation is at 81% and my heart rate is 66 bpm. I’d like to say hi to Kylee , Brandon , Jordan and Shelly  – they are on there way home from Florida today . 


2 thoughts on “Day 10 – trek to Lobuche 

  1. Michael Blaha says:

    Hey great blog dude! Great vacation for you on this part if journey. Sun hikes food sleep showers cool towns and people and culture! Then mama Everest will say hello in her own special way! But you will be well prepared!
    Thank you for the time in Florida! Plenty of volleyball smashball and even tennis! be safe I would love to do this part of the Everest climb!!!!


  2. Silvia and I are so psyched for you, Joe! It’s so awesome to see the that the weather cooperating and that everything is going so well! Keep safe and all that.. 🙂

    All the best…


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