Living at Everest Base Camp

Living at EBC is a lot better than staying at the – 4 star hotels I stayed at getting to BC . We each have our own TNF VE 25 tent which is usually too hot to stay in late morning and early afternoon because of the sun beating on it . So we hang out in the very spacious mess tent with endless supplies of hot drinks. Three meals are served to us daily on silver platers . Things are going to have to change when I get home .LOL 😀. We have good internet this year however it is expensive. Just trying to take care of my body and acclimatize. We should be going on the ice field in a couple of days. It looks safer than last year , but you never know🙏. Namaste . If all goes well we will have to travel the ice field 3 x going to Camp 1 , 2 & 3 to gain more acclimatizing before the summit push . The ice doctors are still assessing the route . There should be other climbers going up the ice field the day after tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Living at Everest Base Camp

  1. Janice says:

    If you are saying that it’s too hot to stay in your tent, it means that the weather is good. I’m guessing that you don’t want too much sun to melt the ice though, or is that not a problem the higher up you get? How many people are in the camp that are climbing this time?
    Stay safe. Your pictures are great so keep them coming. Namaste.


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