Night one at EBC 

Night one was dark and quite around camp until some dogs started to bark at 5 or so in the morning. Where did they come from ? I did a lot of tossing and turning amongst my 2 down bags and a couple of down jackets . I had to keep a hat on to prevent any headache s during the night . I dosed in and out of sleep trying to keep weird dreams at bay . Things are a little different at 17,500 ft , gasping for air all of a sudden and then going back to your somewhat normal breathing pattern . It should get better day by day as my body gets use to this thin air and cool weather . I am waiting for breakfast, its almost 8 am that’s when the sun usually hits the tent and says get up . I’ve been up since before 7 , I get restless . I did my business nobody around all to myself . I just had a Nescafé 3in 1 and waiting for breakfast even though I am not very hungry. I would like to thank Shelly my wife for looking after our 3 great kids and dog while I am gone . Thanks ShelI . ☀️


4 thoughts on “Night one at EBC 

  1. falconlake2014 says:

    Oh , that does not sound like fun. I guess the trip is getting serious now. It looks cold and bleak out there. I hope you get acclimatized soon. vivienne


  2. Joe, it was a fantastic experience for Carrie and I to hang out with you in Pheriche and pre-test your tent before you rolled into Base Camp…we tried to leave it clean & ready for the long-term owner…hope you didn’t mind. We’re both wishing you all the best and thank you for making our EBC trek more entertaining, informational and welcoming. We’ll be sure to raise a toast to you tonight for high peaks, fantastic weather, great health and a safe trip back home to family & friends! Greg & Carrie


      • We are safe and sound back home with the kids and look forward to hearing you’re doing the same! I wish you and all of those in camp all the best in returning home to loved ones. Stay safe. Greg & Carrie


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