Puja ceremony 

We had our puja ceremony where a young monk performed the duties of blessing our climbing gear and an Everest beer which we drank at the end . Today was wash my clothes day and relax . Tomorrow we should check out my gear and practice on the lower ice field . These are the 2 Sherpa guides taking me to the top of Everest . 


8 thoughts on “Puja ceremony 

  1. Michael Blaha says:

    Yes I would like a hat too! Way cool! Enjoy your climb and hope you can sleep better. Again Remember the hawaiin proverb- GO EASY GO EASY JUST GO EASY YOU WILL FINISH!– And hello folks- remember some people should not try to be funny! Thinking of you and your Sherpas and guide mike Hamil ! Thanks for the great updates!! Mike


  2. Dany Tancou says:

    Congratulations on reaching the end of the first leg of your journey to the top of the world Joe! Really awesome! 🙂 (Silvia and I really hope to be able to get as far as EBC too sometime in the near future, and also attend the Puja ceremony; we’ve seen it in a number of videos of course but being there, part of it must be truly special.) Is the Kala Patthar climb part of your acclimatization profile? From what I saw, read and heard, the views of Everest from there are unprecedented, especially at sunset–though of course that means descending in near-darkness, which may not be a great idea.. 🙂

    Anyway, congrats once again, and all the best from here on out–most importantly, good health and good weather!


  3. Cara says:

    Congratulations on your Base Camp arrival! I’m doing the base camp trek, will be there on the 26th and have been buying all my trekking equipment at the store in Oakville so your sister has been updating me. Im curious about the hat you used to prevent headaches. How does that work, is it a specific hat? Thx! Cara


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