A tribute to Joe Lynch 

I would like to use today’s blog to honor my late brothern law Joe Lynch who passed away recently of pneumonia at the age of 46 years . In the enclosed photo I am toasting Joes  short life with an Everest Beer at 17 ,500 ft . Here’s to you pal . To his wife Sandra and children Dylan and Ashley I hope to make it to the summit to say goodbye again for you from the closest place on earth to heaven . Here’s to you Joe Dog 🙏. Namaste 


2 thoughts on “A tribute to Joe Lynch 

  1. Andrew says:

    First Class effort not only with chasing your dream, but with you taking the time to post your experiences and thoughts for family and friends to enjoy, all of whom have had their lives greatly enriched by your love, friendship ,generosity and hard work over your lifetime. I know no one who works harder to provide for their family than you. None could dispute that it must be a stressful time now, not only physically but more so mentally . As you prepare, you must be reflecting and soul searching constantly. Your love for family is foremost on your mind, thats clear. It’s indisputable that no one reading your posts can possibly fully empathize to what lies ahead of you on all fronts.
    As to the topic of “laundry” , which has been mentioned several times to date, I’d hope that it could be “aired” and “cleaned” upon your return so you can concentrate on the exciting but dangerous task at hand. Stow the dirty laundry till Joe safely returns.
    See you when you get back safely to your family.
    Press on Joe, we are all proud of you.


  2. Michael Blaha says:

    Hi joe thanks for thinking of joe dog! Yes salute him for me too! Remember he enjoyed skiing at12000 ft with me at BRECK! So he would love a salute at 26000! Go get em my friend!
    And thanks Andrew for the beautiful words for and about Joe!
    He is going to the top AND coming down safely too!
    It was takes a special human being to conquer Everest and the inner thoughts you mentioned!
    Thinking of you Joe!


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