Ice field 

We hiked 5 hours through the ice field and back today . There were 9 of us all together. We went over crevaces on ladders pretty cool experience. I felt very safe with this years route the ice doctors selected this year as I will be traveling over it a few more times . Thanks everyone following the blog for the support and encouragement- greatly appreciated especially your comments Andrew my friend- truly amazing . 


3 thoughts on “Ice field 

  1. Michael Blaha says:

    That is great news joe! Glad you will be relaxed / at ease with safe route as you climb ! you will have to writs s small book in your summit climbs ! Thanks for keeping us as if we are climbing with you ! Love it! Thanks have been fun enjoy every minute !! Mike


  2. dave says:

    Hey Joe! Sounds as if everything is off to a great start for you. You look strong and well-fed. Hope you’ll begin sleeping better as you acclimatize. Great shot of helicopter landing. EBC looks beautiful with all that fresh snow. Stay strong and healthy dude! All the best! The Buckys


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