Rest day today and maybe tomorrow 

Just lounging around today – coughing a lot at times . You shave and clean while you can . Very bright outside with the sun beaming off the snow . 


4 thoughts on “Rest day today and maybe tomorrow 

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Joe,
    Keep an eye on that cough. Don’t be too shy to stroll over to the doctors tent for someone to have a quick listen and look. Stay on top of your game and maintain the big picture. Take one calculated step at a time my friend, like you always do.


  2. John Nelles says:

    Hi Joe, was in the store yesterday and asked if you were on a mountain somewhere, and they gave me the blog address. Take care of yourself up there. Rest up, be well, and best wishes for the climb. The photos are stunning. good luck,
    John Nelles


  3. Michael Blaha says:

    Hey joe listen to Andrew ! You have the best guides at Everest and you have Andrew guiding from afar! Thanks Andrew! You are the best! Hope to meet you sometime! I am joes brother in law from Chicago- shelly’s sister kym’s husband!
    Try to relax and muster some energy so you can achieve this dream! Take a nap dude!


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