Hiking day today 

We are going on a Hike today after lunch and tomorrow back up to Camp one and then back to BC . If all goes well we are scheduled to summit in 30 days . It was a very windy night last night at BC . I had a good rest all the same but had a very bloody noise in the morning due to the dry conditions. I will try and down load more pictures, but it is difficult at times with this internet. As the Internet was not working this morning, we just got back from a acclimatization 3 hr hike and may go to Camp 1 tomorrow and right back to BC . Hi mom & dad I noticed you are watching the blog , everything is well – they treat us pretty good up here. If the Internet is working and I am not further than Camp 1 I will make daily blogs . Love you Joe


6 thoughts on “Hiking day today 

  1. Andrew says:

    Morning Joe,
    A dab of Cortisporin it’s an Rx, Polysporin, or even vaseline inside the nostrils will help lubricate your vessels, also stops the bleeding during an episode along with the standard 5 minute pinching. Keep the nostrils lubricated from here on in. Im guessing when you get on O2 it will dry your respiratory tract even more. Drop by the medical tent and they’ll fix you up, must be a common issue. Don’t forget to mention that cough !!
    You sound strong both mentally and physically. Keep the positive forward thinking attitude. Those of us at lower altitudes are well cared for and supported. Continue to keep your family and friends in your thoughts but don’t forget to look after # 1 up there.


  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Joe,
    I am just back from a lovely stay at your LBK condo — quite a few more amenities there that you will no doubt look forward to on your return! We are thinking of you — my Dad is following along too — and vicariously enjoying your truly amazing adventure.Thanks for sharing with everyone and stay safe.


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