Safe and sound in Lukla 

We arrived in Lukla today around 4 pm after a 20 hour trek out of base camp over a 2 and a half day period . On our way out of base camp we witnessed more destruction than I would have imagined – gear spread out every where . Tents flattened and bodies wrap in tarps ready to be helicoptered out – injured first . We were truly the lucky ones to get through this act of nature . When I tried to out run the Avalanche – what was I thinking – when you only have about 2 to 3 seconds to decide . I ran as far a I could maybe 20 yards before I put my back to it and hoped for the best . I was covered in snow but unscathed . The camp just beside us 15m or do did not fair as well with injury and death . Base Camp is very long about 2 km – and I don’t think anybody was spared the brunt force of the Avalanche . Hours after and the next day there were more Avalanches and rock slides which vibrated through the ground and put us all on edge . We decided to leave on the second day after the Avalanche . Everything was unstable for a successful Everest climb this year . The Nepal government is trying to decide if it should close the mountain for the next 3 years . I think it is a good idea . I have been here for the last 2 seasons and I am done . Thanks everyone for there well wishes . I hope to be home on the weekend if everything goes well . Sorry not to update you till now but there has not been any internet and it is still intermittent . See you soon JOE 


11 thoughts on “Safe and sound in Lukla 

  1. Lisa says:

    Everyone is so happy for the update. Take care of yourself for the rest of the trip. We miss you & hope to have you back on Canadian soil soon


  2. falconlake2014 says:

    Oh so glad to hear you are safe and on your way home. Some of those awful sights will be with you forever. Glad to hear you are “done”, just not meant to be, I guess. What is truly important, is here waiting for your return, family, friends, acquaintances (dog) all praying for you and now our prayers are answered. Welcome back Joe. vivienne


  3. William says:

    I hope you will share all your photos somehow. Get them posted publicly when you get back.

    It is fortunate that you ascended to camp 2 the day prior to the quake and gained that experience, which is a rare accomplishment and reason enough for you to declare “been there, done that”


  4. Really great to hear from you Joe and so happy to hear you’re safe and sound.. except for the memories, which no one should have to carry.. 😦

    “Closing” Everest for a while doesn’t sound like a bad idea, not after such tragedies two years in a row.. but then again, it’s not like they was anyone’s fault, right? What’s to say that if they do this, the next three years or whatever won’t see the most perfect climbing conditions? In my opinion, what they should do is close it to people with no experience, who simply want to climb it because they can afford it–we all know that there are TONS like that… I know that most guiding companies that guide on Everest have a “screening process” of sorts, but it’s loose at best, with no official guidelines, even from “big name” outfitters such as IMG or HIMEX. But that’s a completely different discussion, of course, and it’s not like any of what happened could have been avoided even if there were ONLY professionals on the mountain–the casualty toll may have been (a lot) less though…

    Anyway, wishing you safe travels home, Joe! See you at the store soon! (I need a new pair of belay gloves. 🙂


  5. Michael Blaha says:

    The goose bumps and tears that I am having after reading your latest blog could have been for a triumphed ascent to the summit. Let me tell you when I heard you were spared and alive and well this feeling is better than you reaching your goal – the summit! Elation and triumph that never crossed our minds! Again you are lucky and blessed to have climbed to camp two! Those who know nature know it is time to let HER rest! To attempt a challenge like Everest is remarkable and now to be man enough to tell HER thank you and for both of you to be at peace is your own personal victory. A victory that you can be proud of and that has brought you to a new level! Thanks for the emails and hope you are able to see Shelly Kylee Brandon and Jordan and SCOOBY real soon! Love you buddy – continued safe travels to Bennington Heights!


  6. Andrew says:

    Valiant Effort Joe ! I can’t even imagine……..
    To add anything at all would only be an unnecessary echo.
    It’s an honour to know you, press on home to your family now.


  7. Mike Russill says:

    Joe, we are so happy you are safe. We have been following your posts and talking with Shelly. You should be very proud of your response to these major challenges. Looking forward to seeing you home safe. Mike and Karen

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