Still stuck in Lukla 

I happen to score a boarding pass to get a flight to Kathmandu at 9 am however the weather quickly changes up here and I waited 5.5 hours for the flight to come in before it was cancelled due to low lying fog . I will try again tomorrow morning . 


4 thoughts on “Still stuck in Lukla 

  1. Andrew says:

    I’ll have to start calling you Victor Laszlo after you were able to “score” that boarding pass ! I’m certain they are a prized commodity these days. Victor Laszlo, like you cherished his wife. He was also resourceful, sharp minded and fleet of foot.
    Hopefully you are able to slow your pace down, get a bit of rest and debrief with others who shared this event before you depart that ill-tempered mountain.


  2. Michael Blaha says:

    Hi joe sorry for your delay. Yes make the most of your time in lukla. Hopefully you are comfortable. All of us and more are waiting your arrival in Toronto. That time will come.


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