Arrived in Kathmandu

i was lucky to score a boarding pass out of Lukla . I arrived in Kathmandu at 3pm and I am staying at the yak & yeti hotel . I am leaving here on Saturday and arriving in Totonto late on Sunday . My 2 large duffles containing all my gear is still on the mountain and may have to be shipped at a later date . 


10 thoughts on “Arrived in Kathmandu

  1. falconlake2014 says:

    Wish we could all be there on Sunday to welcome you back. Our thoughts and hearts are with you. Wont rest until you hit Canadian soil.


  2. dave says:

    Hey Joe, Kriss and I have been tracking your progress and are happy to hear that you’re safely off the mountain. Be well and enjoy a happy reunion with your family. – The Buckys

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  3. Michael Blaha says:

    Hope you are as happy and relieved as we all are to have you coming home safely and content ! Have a safe And comfortable flight home!


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